Our People

We can call on engineers with a wide variety of skills and experience. We're confident that whatever you need doing, we can get it done, and whatever your problem, we can help you fix it.

Ben Liddicott

Ben graduated from Imperial College, London, has twenty years of experience in the IT industry, working for an independent software vendor doing work used by Reuters and for global financial businesses, a global bank, a noted internet security company, subcontracted to IBM supporting a government department, and for a successful startup which sold to the AA after seven years.

His skill and experience encompasses a broad range of technologies, from Linux and Unix to Windows, from C++, Java and C# to Javascript and HTML, from SQL to MFC, from CORBA and DCOM to HTTP and TCP, from image processing to security technologies.

Having a broad range of experience, and detailed understanding of how things work, means Ben has often been able to come up with solutions to get work done faster, and diagnose and fix problems which stump others.

Contact him on ben.liddicott@beetlesoft.co.uk

Cathy Joughin

Our Operations Manager, Cathy has many years of experience looking after high-profile clients and running projects involving tight deadlines and quality control.

Contact her on cathy.joughin@beetlesoft.co.uk