Case Study

Enterprise Architecture

This large consultancy working on a government contract had a persistent problem.

The application was an enterprise-architecture application, using a Java GUI front-end, communicating via CORBA to a C++ server.

Unfortunately whenever a user double-clicked on a button, the application would submit the request twice, causing data corruption and repeated actions. Users were asked not to do this but this approach was not successful.

Faced with these issues our developer used his knowledge of Java, Win32, CORBA and C++ to understand the underlying cause of the problem: The synchronous remote CORBA call enters an Windows message loop waiting for a reply from the server, but fails to filter UI messages.

He proposed a fix which was integrated into the Java GUI to prevent double-clicks from registering twice.

Result: Government employees' problem was solved, and the consultancy were able to reduce the cost of support for the application, protecting profits.

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